Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Ahhhhhhh winter. It's the quiet season on campus. Bootcamp is over and the preparations for Nomads are just beginning.  Oh we're busy alright but there's a wee bit of time for some fun and games! And besides that...it was an incredibly cooooold winter this year! We were all hibernating and even had a full blown blizzard at one time! Mother of Pearl! Now there are signs of spring and things are beginning to pick up speed. But before franticness sets in for Nomads and bootcamp...here are the pictures of the quiet before the storm:
A serious game of Axis & Allies lasted several days in the dinning hall between Tom, Eric, John and Grant.  See John...he ALWAYS wins!
Isn't he cute!  He's getting tall!  Grant passed me up this winter.  His jeans were at his ankles before I knew it and I had to go buy him some more.  He hates losing to John.  Just hates it.  John already whooped him in Fantasy Football this season.
While the game was going on, Katie quietly worked a puzzle while looking on.  She kept those boys in line when they got rowdy!
Here's her baby!  Asha is getting big too!  Katie and Asha were out enjoying the warm weather one afternoon.
Asha can high five!  We're really enjoying having dogs on campus.  We've got Asha, Jetta and Ebony.  Jetta and Ebony belong to the Damons. 
I found Mercy hanging out under the big tree.  It's been so cold that the kids didn't even go out and play!  Now that's cold!
THE KITCHEN!  It's being completely overhauled!  I tell ya, you won't even recognize it when you come home!  And the pass through to the dinning hall?  It's going to be a den with a comfy couch, overstuffed chairs and a big tv for watchin' movies or tornado warnings!  :-)  Like I said, spring is comin'!
How does Bebe get a thing done with all that poundin' going on?  Her desk is on the other side of the fireplace!
All the room's floors and walls were painted a new color.  We're trying to make them more comfortable for you when you come home.
There's Miriam!  Here kitty, kitty!  She's waiting by my door to go in for an afternoon nap. 
"So, like, do you want to eat at Ted's tonight?"


I'm totally embarrassed but we had to reuse'em! Don't worry...if you lay just right you can avoid all the pokey springs.


See!  I told you they went right back into the room!
Check this out!  This is the room where Admin used to be.  Remember?  They took up the last two rooms on the dorm building.  Well now it's going to be a suite!  Pretty neat, huh!
The first signs of spring....
The flowers are beginning to bloom.
How lovely is this!
Time for a little stroll.  Wonder where it goes?

Well that it's for now. Nomads plans are about to really take off. I've got some stuff I want Steve and James to build for me. John heard back from Aradhna that they are coming for sure. Hmmmm....I need to order the sumo suits! I wish each and every one of you could be here! We miss you all and pray for you too! You guys are out there punching holes in the darkness. I'm honored to know each one of you!

Living Under His Grace and Mercy,

P.S.  I went to the science museum with all the kids and and stood looking at these paintings for a bit.  It's crazy how they move.  It works on your computer too!
They almost made me fall down when I was looking at them at the museum.  It felt like the room was moving!  I was instantly motion sick!