Friday, September 10, 2010

Early September....The Hope of Autumn To Come

I looked forward to our trip to Oklahoma this month. We had been away for some time. Eric had gone to India for a training of new leaders in the tribal group that God has been reaching. Upon his return, we both flew down to Monterrey to Raul's bootcamp graduation. What a joy that was! I love visiting with Raul and Nancy and eating real Mexican food. If I close my eyes I can still taste those tacos down on the square in San Fransisco near The Oasis. Remember the Catholic church on the square? My favorite restaurant is on the corner just to the right of the church. I wish I had one of their tacos now! My mouth is watering thinking about it! After Mexico, we piled in the car and arrived on campus early last week. I am so ready for fall. Some of you have asked to see pictures of the big tree out back - the one with the three story tree house. I love that spot on campus. It's magical. The leaves aren't turning yet...but there are signs of autumn coming. The trees are dropping nuts. The squirrels are going mad. We built our first fire in the fire pit in front of the Manner's home one evening after a cold front came through. It really wasn't cold - just cool. But we loved it.

Campus life is laid back right now. The bootcampers are living off campus in apartments in the inner city. This is the first class I believe to not live on campus. If you're visiting campus during bootcamp, you'll find the campus much quieter. But never fear - the campers are toiling away with John among the refugees in the inner city. What great preparation for the field! John had a moment of brilliance and glory on that one. These refugees come from the other side of the world and speak several different languages. Our bootcampers are being exposed to foreign languages and cultures before their feet ever leave American soil. I'm hearing that they love it! Their job is to help them assimilate into our culture. How do you get a job? Where do you find a doctor? There's a language lab that everyone works in and all kinds of stuff going on... Eric and I went downtown to the Rackley's apartment (they are headed to Uganda in January after they graduate) one evening to have dinner with the bootcampers. It was good to see them all and I was honored to sit among them and get to know them better. We ate pizza and had a good time. God has blessed Eric and I beyond measure to work with all of you on the field and here at home. You guys are awesome.

Here's this trip's round of pictures. So what has been going on on campus? Take a look and see!

Life Under the Big Tree
It's magical, isn't it.Katie got a dog! Her name is Asha. Can you tell that we all enjoy her!The Manner girls got a trampoline. The little kids love it when Grant bounces them really high!Steve and James were having a little meeting about fixin' up the buildings...
but we all crashed it.

Staff meeting! Everybody's workin' hard!
That's Steve and Becky Damon sitting between James and Eric. We're glad to have you Steve and Becky!Lem's locks are luscious!

Aaaahhhhh...Miriam. I do love her. "Here Mir, Mir! Here kitty, kitty." Miriam actually thinks her name is Here Kitty Kitty! The new cat..and his name escapes me at the moment...belongs to the Damons. Miriam is tolerating him - because he's a HE and she's a SHE.
There were storms around for two days. Miriam and Cubby found refuge in my room. Oh heck, ya'll might as well know that Miriam sleeps with me when I'm there!

Science class! We've got some new kiddos on campus! I'm sure you recognize Abigail, then comes Grace, Samuel, Ashley, and Mercy.
I've been homeschooling Grant for 7 years now. He studied the body years ago and we had such fun making our bodies with all the organs in it. So...I did it with the kids on campus. We had a ton-o-fun!
Did you know that your heart beats over 100,000 times a day! And that you have enough air in your lungs to fill up a basketball! They all did a really great job and we learned lots of fun stuff along the way.

The bootcampers had to do a 5K marathon. They've been training for several months now. John came out to give everyone a pep talk.
Eric ran - and he even had a wee bout of malaria earlier in the week.
Logan and Maia before the race. Thank you Maia for all you do for all of us!Jamie pinned Joe's number on.

John and Jamie came out to cheer everyone on!Joe came in 3rd! And he wasn't even feelin' competitive that day!Bootcamper Nicole won the entire women's division!

And lastly, there was some partyin' going on on Saturday night! A masquerade birthday party was in the dining hall. Where did the boys go?
It's Ainsley! She's gettin' BIG!The staff threw Eric a surprise birthday party.
And then Oklahoma played their first football game. There was a party at the Manner's house to start the new football season. They're all sittin' around watchin the game...

And that's about it. Until next time!


  1. Great post! Enjoyed the many pictures. The stud kitty with the stripes is Kobo. (Nigerian coin)

  2. I love that name Elizabeth! I wondered what it ment when I heard it last week. See you in two weeks friend!

  3. Great photos and story lines. Of course I'm grandma proud of Josiah...and Estella too.

    Nancy Z