Wednesday, September 1, 2010


When we first began driving over once a month to HGM it was fall. It's a five hour drive to get here from our house. It's a commitment we've made to all of you out there on the field. We're here on campus for one week and home for three weeks - then we come on back over and do it again!John and Eric play together frequently. Is that what they do? Hhhhmmmmm....I've seen John burn rubber in his minivan trying to beat Eric to a restaurant for lunch before... This picture was taken right after we came on staff.
Eric and I love working here on staff. We take our job quite seriously. Know that we pray for you all - you, your family, the work, your people group...If you were in the country two years ago you know that this sign suddenly appeared on the road near HGM. I began wondering what kind of people we had come on staff with and what their neighbors were really like... Then this sign appeared.So then we put up our own sign and threw a party! Our sign was way better and the party was a ton of fun.

And now it's two years later and so much has happened during that time. We've had some great times and we've had some hard times. Heart of God has been a part of my healing process since I lost my mom to pancreatic cancer two years ago. Orv died of the same thing at the same time. God is very deliberate in His choices, isn't He. The pain we all felt from our loses was so great but there was an instant bond that only those circumstances could create. Oh yes, God is so good.

Wonder what will happen on campus today?

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