Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Ahhhhh....fall.  The golden leaves fluttering gracefully down.  The cooler temps cause a sigh of relief.  There's a nip in the air!  Pumpkins are lined up on my back porch and the smell of cobbler fills my house.  NOT!  It was 98F sweaty degrees yesterday here in Little Rock and 100F the day before!  There's no relief in sight!  I think the earth is forgetting to turn on it's axsis!  I'm having moments of dismay.  So here are a few photos from last year on campus to try to encourage autumn to come on down to the south this year:
The tree house surrounded by golden leaves.
Cubby napping contentedly.
The annual HGM leaf pile!
Logan took our baby bootcampers out back to play in the pile.

We lost Logan at one point.  Couldn't find'im in there!  A bitty bootcamper began to cry thinking he was gone for good.  Then suddenly, he reappeared!
This beauty was in from Senegal.

This red tailed hawk lives behind the Manner's house.
On my weekend to-do list:  make a pumpkin pie with autumn leaves!  It's really painfully simple to do.  If you want the secret - e-mail me.

There! Maybe that'll bring it on!


  1. Staci - you are amazing. I am inspired by you and so blessed to have you as a friend.

  2. I love you Maia! See you Sunday friend!

  3. Hey Staci,
    Thanks for the Fall pics and recommended reading. Wish I had time to read! I told Eric I would post on your blog so you'd know that yes, there are people reading it and appreciating it. BTW, next time Eric comes to our neck of the woods, you need to stowaway in the luggage or something!!